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ATW Bus Terminal Expander (BT-600)

The BT 600 is a nice little terminal expander used to keep the amount of wires limited in a terminal.

After several questions from customers asking, “how do I fit all these wires in one terminal”, we would like to introduce to you the Terminal Expander by ATW.

Lets say for example you have six wires in your “Aux -” and six wires in you “Aux +” terminals on you main control panel.  The BT-600 will allow you to eliminate that clutter.  You would run one wire from you “Aux -” to one side of the BT-600.  All the wires in your “Aux -” will go on the same side as the wire you ran.  The same goes for “Aux +”.  Each wire will have it’s own terminal and will allow for better connectivity and less clutter. (more…)


Ademco 5800MICRA Wireless Recessed Transmitter

The Ademco 5800MICRA wireless recessed transmitter is for those people who would like a recessed wireless transmitter that is hidden from plain site. This device also helps save against voiding the warranty on your vinyl windows because you can shallow recess it without having to drill into anything.

A lot of people like the idea of a recessed transmitter for doors, but don’t like the standard ones that Honeywell makes because it requires drilling too deep of a hole in the door jamb. This small contact is easy to install and, at a depth of .33″, you don’t have to drill a very deep hole at all to fit it into the jamb of a door or the sill of a window. (more…)


Ability of the Honeywell Lynx Touch L5000 & L5100 to call out for self-monitoring

We have had quite a few people calling in to ask whether the new Lynx Touch panels, the L5000 & L5100, will call out for self-monitoring purposes. Honeywell has been telling people that these panels will not do this. But we have tested this out here in the office and we do know for a fact that both of these panels will call to phone numbers for self-monitoring.

The Lynx touch panels will do what is called a follow me phone number. This will allow your alarm panel to dial two phone numbers beside a central station phone number. This is very useful if you do not want central station monitoring service right off the bat. You can have the Lynx call you in case of emergency and it will announce what exactly is being violated. (more…)


How To Hook Up An Additional Siren Using Honeywell Vista Trigger Pins

If you have already exhausted the power output of terminals 3 & 4 on your Vista control panel then you can use trigger output 17 on your Vista board to trigger 1 additional siren by doing the following. You will need the wiring harness used for this purpose. The part number is Honeywell 4120TR:

  1. Hook the negative of the siren to pin 1 on your Vista board
  2. Hook the positive of the siren to pin 3 on your Vista board

Now, after you have hooked the siren to the trigger pins as instructed above you will have to go into programming and enter the following information. This programming will let the sirens differentiate between burglary and fire conditions because the siren pulses differently for each condition. (more…)


GSMVLP5-4G Internal GSM Radio with Two-Way Voice Support

Now you all may very familiar with GSM cellular communication for alarm system from your dealings with these systems in the past, but Honeywell is changing the game with their new GSMVLP5-4G GSM Cellular Communicator.

This new cell communicator for the Lynx Touch L5100 is used to send signal to a central station monitoring service. It will send signal over the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks that AT&T uses. This makes transmission lightning fast if these networks are available in your area. This communicator can only be used with the Lynx Touch L5100 and is not backwards compatible with the Lynx Touch L5000 or the Lynx Plus L3000

A lot of people worry about thieves cutting their phone lines. While it is not really a prevalent issue, it still can be a problem and that’s where the GSM communicator comes into play. If you have a phone line attached to your alarm panel and you think you might need a back up then the GSM communicator from Honeywell will be the best investment you can make. The GSMVLP5-4G can also be used as a primary communicator if you don’t have the option to run a landline. (more…)


Honeywell IPCAM-PT Camera Compact Pan & Tilt IP for Total Connect

Honeywell IPCAM-PT Camera Compact Pan & Tilt IP for Total Connect

Honeywell IPCAM-PT Camera Compact Pan & Tilt IP for Total Connect

The Honeywell IPCAM-PT Camera Compact Pan & Tilt is an IP camera that is used to monitor your home visually from a remote location. This camera can only be used with Honeywell Total Connect Video service and it does require a monthly fee.

This is a great camera to have in your home and because of its pan & tilt features you can scan the area that you put the camera in. This camera also works very well in the dark because of it’s five LED lights. The IPCAM-PT also features auto white balance, auto glare control, sharpness, and brightness controls.

The pan feature allows you to scan 150 degrees left and 150 degrees right. You also have a 53 degree range of sight. The tilt feature lets you move the camera up 90 degrees and down 30 degrees, also with the 53 degree range of sight. (more…)