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DSC PC5108 Eight Hardwire Zone Expander Module

The DSC PC5108 Zone Expander is used to add additional hardwired zones to your existing control panel.  Each expander module has jumper settings that can be set for the desired zone numbers.  For example, if you are using an expander to add zones 9 through 16, you would make sure that jumper 1 is off, jumper 2 is on, and jumper 3 is on.

If using any wireless devices on your system, be sure not to include any wireless zone on a module that has been designated for hardwire devices.  The zone sets would be: Zones 1-8 (main panel), 9-16, 17-24, and 25-32… (more…)


Programming DSC Zone Definitions

There are several times people get confused on programming their zone definitions into the DSC security systems.  It is fairly easy to do, but can also be really confusing.  Zone definitions basically tells the system how that zone is to respond to that device being triggered.  In other words, the definition tells the system how to function for that zone.  The only thing to remember when doing your definitions is to know that you will not enter a zone number, but only a definition.  You must also know how to count, because each time you enter a 2-digit zone definition, the system will do a quick triple beep and then you are ready to input the definition for the next zone.

Here are the most common Zone Definitions:

  • Definition 00 = Not Used (null, turned off)
  • Definition 01 = Delay 1 (ie: entry/exit doors)
  • Definition 03 = Instant (ie: window sensors, non entry doors, glass breaks)
  • Definition 05 = Interior Stay/Away (motion)
  • Definition 08 = Delayed 24hr Fire (hardwired)
  • Definition 88 = Standard 24hr Fire (wireless) (more…)

DSC 1864 version 4.6

DSC has released version 4.6 of the 1864 panel. The new updates in this version consist of:

  • 64 Wireless Zones using the version 4.6 and the new RFK5564 keypad
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process (using ver 1.3 of the RFK5564 or the RFK5500)
  • Word library for programming zone labels (available with ver 1.3 of the RFK5564, RFK5500, or PK5500 and available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish) (more…)

DSC Alarm System Troubles

Confused About DSC Trouble Conditions

Confused About DSC Trouble Conditions

Many people call and state that they have a trouble light or a triangle lit up on their keypad. If either of those are lit up, then your system is letting you know that something isn’t right. Here is an easy way to tell what the trouble may be.

On your DSC Keypad, hit ” * 2

Zone light will turn on showing trouble

Zone Light 1 Service Required, Press 1 again to show exact trouble (more…)


Additional power for an extra sirens / strobes on a DSC Power Series

Wiring for additional power on a DSC Power Series

Wiring for additional power on a DSC Power Series

The DSC Power Series hardwire systems, like all systems have limits to their output used for sirens and strobes. You are limited to no more than 2 amps short-term draw with a good backup battery. Short term means during a reasonable alarm period. I’d recommend keeping your bell cutoff time to under 5 minutes to stay within the “short term” guidelines. Note: The manual states the limit is 700ma, however this is without a backup battery and a continuous rating and as such is usually not pertinent to most users.

You’ll find current draw ratings on the sounders and strobes we sell, but as a general rule we tell people you can put one indoor siren and one outdoor siren on the system and stay under this 2 amp limit. Of course you could swap the indoor siren for a strobe and stay under too since strobes typically draw less. If you need more than this however it’s time to look at an additional power supply to power additional sirens or strobes. (more…)