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Alarm Celluar / GSM Communicators

As many people are starting to get rid of their home telephone service, they are in search of a cellular or gsm alarm communicator so their system can report alarms to the Central Station.

When it comes to choosing a cellular communicator, aka GSM, there are many options to choose from.  The one I would like to introduce and is very popular is the Uplink 2500This is a universal Communicator and can be used with any alarm system.  There is no need trying to figure out which communicator is needed.

The Uplink 2500 cell communicator module is an alarm communicator that sends alarm data to a central monitoring station over the cellular network. The Uplink 2500 hooks into your siren terminals. Depending on what signal is being activated by the terminals, depends on what signal is sent to the central monitoring station. If a burglary signal is activated, the unit would report a burglary alarm to the monitoring station and the same goes for fire. (more…)


The Honeywell 7847i IP Communicator

We have now added the Honeywell 7847i IP Communicator to our site!! This IP communicator will work for anyone who wants central station monitoring and has a broadband internet connection.

This piece of equipment is very handy if you want central station monitoring service but you don’t have a land-line phone line and/or a GSM cellular communicator will not receive good enough signal in the location that you’re putting it in.

You can also, through Alarmnet service, use this for download programming and Total Connect monitoring add-on service. Total Connect will allow you to remotely/access and control your alarm system and receive notifications of alarm events all through the use of the 7847i. (more…)