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Home Security Upgrade: A Close Look at the Envisalink 4

Home security—can it get any better? With the endless news on high crime rates, smart consumers are on the lookout for ways to improve home safety and management.

Completely relying on authorities is insufficient. In fact, the police are trying to educate the public to be more proactive with home security. To better guard your home and loved ones from threats, the EnvisaLink 4 IP Communicator Security Interface Module provides novel solutions. Designed to power up self-monitoring and security system expansion, the Envisalink is proving to be a device worth your consideration. Learn more from this comprehensive review on EnvisaLink 4 and its five powerful features.

1. Easy Breezy Setup

easy breezy setup

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What’s New in Home Security: DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT

How prepared are you for a home invasion? It’s important to ask this question in light of the high crime rates. In a test conducted by “Good Morning America,” a safety and security expert demonstrated how easy it was to break into a home in the absence of a security system. Just how useful and important is a home security system?

For home security owners, the quest to improve protection is an ongoing commitment. A product review on DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT is thus useful not only for those thinking of getting a security system, but also for those who want to upgrade to a new top-of-the-line alarm system. To help you, here’s a DSC touch review with seven points to consider.

1. Smart and Wireless Machine

smart wireless machine

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Better Home Security: 12 Winning Habits to Sustain

You’re done installing an alarm system? Great! That significantly reduces the possibility of criminals and accidents wreaking havoc to your home. However, all the high-tech devices you have can only work best if you have a smart and established home safety routine. What habits must you develop to make sure that all your bases are covered? Here are 12 home safety tips to always keep in mind.

1. Cover Your Windows

cover your windows



Have a Safe Home with the DSC Kit64-219SE Power 1864 Alarm System Kit

Did you know that only 15% of US households have a security system? Even with modern security vulnerabilities and an already wide range of options in the market, most households would still risk their home safety.

But you shouldn’t. When it comes to securing your family and prized possessions, you deserve only the best the market has to offer. Digital Security Controls (DSC), the world leader in electronic security, introduces the top-rated PowerSeries security system that offers the greatest possible flexibility and convenience. DSC understands its clients’ changing needs and market trends, using these as guides for its innovations.

The DSC Kit64-219SE Power 1864 Alarm System Kit is a premier alarm system package perfect for a large home with expansion room for up to 64 zones. Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should consider getting this alarm system kit today.

Reason #1: Alerts the Fire Department on Time
alerts fire department



Top 10 Security Tools to Keep Kids Safe at Home

Who is at the doorYou would think that the home is the safest place for your children. You baby-proofed it as much as you can, hired a caring nanny, and made it so comfortable for your children. But when it comes child safety, we can never let our guard down. No threat is petty and no danger is minor.
Parents go to extreme lengths to keep their kids safe. However, the facts are still not that kind. Safe Kids Worldwide found that 3.5 million children get injured at home and are rushed to the hospital. Accidents such as falling, choking, and getting cuts or burns are among the most common ones. The research also showed that the top three home safety concerns related to children are fire, falling, and burglary. (more…)


Win Back Security: 10 Things To Do After A Break-in

Have you or anyone you know been victimized by home burglary? The US Department of Justice warns that more than two million households become victims of burglary each year. In many cases, a family member is in the house during the break-in. The impact of the incident to the victim’s’ financial and psychological well-being cannot be understated.

Update your home security software



A Guide to Your Wireless Sensors and Remotes Purchase

Thinking of adding some great tools for your security system? Why not consider going wireless? Nearly every one of the latest and most advanced alarm systems today can utilize wireless technology that makes protecting your home or office way easier.

We have compiled some of our top picks on wireless sensors and remotes for alarm systems that could be great additions to your home security. Take into account each product’s uniqueness, quality, and functionality, and know which one fits your needs. We have also arranged them by brand and compatibility for your convenience. (more…)


Comparing the DSC Power 1832 Alarm Systems Kit Combos

Not sure what alarm system package to buy? Or maybe deciding to replace your old alarm system? The DSC Power 1832 line, being one of the top choices for alarm systems available, is here to rescue you. Aside from providing maximum reliability and versatility, it offers many expansion options to tailor-fit your system to your specific home safety needs. (more…)


Top 10 Security Mistakes Of First-Time Homeowners

First-time homeowners are so excited of finally getting a place of their own that most of what they focus on is superficial: design, theme, color, and furniture. Nothing wrong about that except that home security, the benefits of which are beyond superficial, also deserves to be in any homeowner’s priority list.

What’s good to know is that with the emerging technology, there’s more awareness to the benefits of a home security system. When security coincides with energy savings and convenience, the whole idea of home safety becomes better. LinkedIn cited in their 2014 study that 60% of adults subscribe to smart home technology primarily because of perceived importance of security. (more…)


How To Save While Securing Your Home: 9 Saving Tips

Business guru and life coach Brian Tracy once said, “Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” The common dictionary definition of “peace of mind” is the absence of mental stress and anxiety. It can also denote a state of quietness and tranquility

If there is one thing you can offer yourself and your family, it ensuring your home safety. FBI data shows that more than 1.5 million property crimes in the US, including domestic burglaries, were recorded across the country in 2014. Homeowners in Europe have also faced an increase in forcible entry to dwellings. The crime rate jumped by 14% in the European Union.