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DSC PowerSeries NEO: Hybrid Alarms for Smarter Homes

Raising the bar in alarm security innovations is the new DSC PowerSeries Neo, a cutting-edge, high performance security product that will definitely power up your security system, but in a whole lot smarter way. If you are looking for top notch DIY security upgrades that put premium on efficiency, then let this DSC PowerSeries Neo review walk you through.

Why Choose PowerSeries Neo?
Superior and efficient performance in a comprehensive hybrid package — that’s what essentially sets PowerSeries Neo apart from other security products in the market today.

Putting the power in PowerSeries Neo is the way it is especially designed and engineered to maximize the use of PowerG, the groundbreaking technology in efficient wireless intrusion detection. Also, this hybrid alarm combines the reliance of hardwired system with the flexibility of PowerG wireless devices, making it adaptable to a variety of security needs whether in a residential or commercial setting.

PowerSeries Neo also aims to reduce false alarms with its innovative alarm verification. Moreover, its easy installation and user friendly features are sure to delight. The following section will give you a more detailed outline of what this powerhouse can do for you.

DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016NK Board and Cabinet

The DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016NK Board and Cabinet, perfect for small homes, valued at $59.78



Upgrade Existing Honeywell Security with Wireless Sensors

Wired alarm systems are a great home security option, especially when you happen to have a house that is already pre-wired. Wired connections have an edge on resilience and reliability, thanks to their interference-resistant mode of transmission. However, since wired systems require physical connections to be set up, there may be locations in your home that cannot be wired but can be reached by wireless alarm systems.

Fix these dead spots and go for a total alarm system for homeowners with all the bases covered. This guide will tell you how to upgrade your existing wired Honeywell alarm system to be wireless by adding wireless sensors.

home intruder alarm system

Photo Courtesy of Harrihealey02 via Wikimedia Commons

Select A Wireless Receiver
Talk about versatility: all wired systems have pretty much the same technology and can be easily integrated with a variety of wireless components and sensors, making upgrading easy for any homeowner going the DIY route.



DIY Installation Guide To Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000

Honeywell Lynx Touch l7000

Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 Kit 1, valued at $264.95

A quick search on the internet reveals a variety of home security devices promising a tough alarm system for homeowners. While it can be assumed that burglars will have to develop sophisticated means to get past such systems, Marc Weber Tobias, a security specialist, discovered that a popular wireless alarm system can be easily hacked with just a magnet and a Scotch tape. This should serve as a wake-up call for manufacturers to upgrade security systems.

To keep up with the increasing demand for high-quality, value-for-money security system is the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000, an upgrade of the previous Lynx models. The new addition to the Lynx touch series and to our top notch selection of wireless alarm systems, the Honeywell L7000 packs a ton of features to go with its stylish 7-inch touchscreen interface and easy-to-navigate icons. (more…)


A Safe Home May Not Be Really Safe For Kids

safe home

Are you really sure that your kids are safe at home, 24/7? Photo courtesy of Cia De Foto via Flickr, Creative Commons

So you’ve taken all precautionary measures already but you still feel that it’s not enough. If you could have the chance to provide the perfect and complete security protection as part of your home safety for children, would you do it? Of course, the most logical answer is a resounding “YES!”. With possible threats, robberies, and crimes lurking around the corner, there’s no point in wasting a single second for your family’s security—especially your kids. A single second not spent wisely may spell out disaster which you might regret in the future. There’s nothing to lose when it comes to investing in foolproof house alarms and security systems for your family’s security. As they say, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. (more…)


Shop Online In Heartbleed-Free Ecommerce Sites

heartbleed virus

Have you encountered this “Heartbeed”? Photo via Community News Commons

Heartbleed may be so 2014, but it is a testament that no one can assume impenetrable security measures, so being prepared is the best way to avoid inconveniences brought about by hackers lurking around the vast and fast world run by the internet.

While the inconvenience that Heartbleed brought to users and online shoppers has already been under control, one fact still remains: Even the most stringent protocols for security can be attacked anytime.  (more…)


Which Home Alarm Security System Fits My Budget?

money burning hole in your pocket

Purchases that burns money out of your pocket should be the last thing on your list— they shouldn’t even make it. Photo from PurpleMattFish via Flickr

Budget is the the first thing people consider when choosing the “right type” of home security system to invest in. Every homeowner considers practicality and quality for every single purchase especially when their family’s safety is on the line. Having these things to consider makes you a smart buyer but does not make it any easier. Are you even familiar with quality home security brands? The numerous styles, packages, features, and equipment can be overwhelming: wireless alarm sensors, surveillance cameras and entry alarms among others. explains that in most households, the average cost of installing a security system is $652 to $952. Apparently, all these considerations come with a price difference and will vary not only with the security it could provide your home but your preference of devices too. (more…)


Hardwired vs Wireless Alarm System: Choosing The Right Home Security Feature

The appropriate alarm depends on a person’s home security needs. Whether it would be hardwired or wireless alarm system, the best security system depends on the preference and situation of the person.

The following sections provide the pros and cons of each type of system to help you better choose.

Wireless System
People need to learn the difference between a wired and wireless home alarm system prior to making a decision. According to home security experts, wired and wireless security refers to two different components of a security system.

The control panel and the network of sensors can comprise the self-contained system making up the wired or wireless setup. Nonetheless, the system can also connect to the outside world. For instance, it can send alerts to a remote control center or receive alerts from a smartphone.

A complete wireless system features separate sensors throughout the house communicating to the central command center through radio frequency. The control panel is responsible for communicating with the outside world. Think of your alarm system with a smartphone of its own. (more…)


Why You Should Choose Alarm System Store

Finding a trusted supplier for home alarm systems is not an easy task. More than protecting your home or business, you are also on your way to safeguard the ones who matter most to you – your loved ones. Peace of mind in this time and age seems to be more difficult to keep, let alone, attain. Then again, when you partner with the best home security provider, overcoming the uncertainties from both man-made and natural threats are surely more manageable and even more tolerable.

Alarm System Store is one of the best security system providers. Based on our first time and regular buyers, we are known for:

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Since 1997, we have been bringing top-notch, reliable, and affordable surveillance systems to our pool of highly satisfied buyers. We have put together the best success stories that paved the way for us to get an A+ rating in as far as customer reviews are concerned. (more…)


11 Practical Ways To Prevent Break-Ins And Deter Burglars

The convicted burglars have spoken. In a study conducted by the University of North California, 83% of offenders veer away from homes that have burglar alarms in place. So, it is not a surprise that only 13% of them will still proceed with their modus operandi upon discovering that their target property is protected by warning devices. Whether you have recently moved to a new home or have been in your neighborhood for nearly a decade, you must make sure that your safety checks are always green and go.

leaving key under the mat poses security risk

Photo from alborzshawn via Flickr, Creative Commons

Alarm System Store has put together simple yet proven ways to prevent the likelihood of uneventful, potentially life-altering episodes in the form of break-ins. On top of tips about the most strategic spots for your sensors and detectors, we also covered practical points to ensure safety all throughout your home.  (more…)


2GIG Revolution: The Next Big Thing in Home Security

Have you caught on the news lately? Hackers, robbers, thieves are all over the place harnessing the powers of smart technology. However, did you know that you could protect your home with modern technology as well?

home security

Photo by stavos via Flickr, Creative Commons

Modern security systems, composed of various components, are designed to be your lookout even when you are not at home. For most homeowners, security systems must be able to act by themselves. At the same time, homeowners are demanding products that are easy to use and security systems which are equally smart as their smartphones. 2GIG Technologies recently unveiled its latest smart security technology system which understands the language of security while allowing ease of access and control over your home even from a smartphone or tablet.

A recent study from ABI Research revealed that the demand for home automation systems is expected to grow up to 4.14 million this year from 397,000 in 2010. Due to the increasing demand of homeowners for home automation systems, 2GIG Technologies has devised an all-in-one security platform and home management system. (more…)