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Fast and Easy DIY Installation of Internet-Powered Alarm

Based on the FBI’s 2014 crime statistics that involve burglaries, there have been an estimated 8 million property crimes worth about $14.3 billion in financial losses reported by law enforcement. These alarming figures convinced many homeowners that having a home security system is necessary to secure homes from burglaries and other emergency situations such as fire and natural calamities.

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Home Alone: A Guide On Secure Independent Living

There is something freeing about living on your own. It’s quiet, calm, and comfortable. You make decisions on your own, you get to keep your home the way you like it, you can walk around the house naked and no one would care. No one is there to tell you what and what not do.

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But there are also risks. What if you get a really bad nightmare, have a medical emergency, or someone invades your house? How to stay safe when you are home alone is a rising concern among people living independently. The Census Bureau reported that in 2013, 27% of Americans are living alone. Most of them are either old or young.


Boosting Security: When To Best Replace Your Security System

How safe do you feel when you’re at home? Can you confidently and peacefully go to work knowing that your kids are in a burglar-proof home? But wait, is your home really burglar-proof?

The presence of a home security system provides a strong layer of protection to your home. A 2013 study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte proved this as it gathered survey responses from convicted burglars themselves. The survey found that 83% would try to determine if a home has an alarm before attempting an invasion. If there is an alarm, half said they would discontinue the attempt, while 13% will go ahead with the burglary.


What’s in Your DSC PowerSeries NEO HS32119CP01 Kit

Did you know that 9 out of 10 burglars reportedly abandon their plan when a home or business property has an alarm system? But the downside is only 14 percent of property owners have an alarm system in the US alone. If you belong to the majority, you’re more vulnerable to burglaries, which the FBI estimates to occur every 13 seconds.

The alarming crime statistics shows that home and business owners need better home security. Although consumers understand the need for an alarm system, many have the misconception that installing one is tedious and expensive. You want something with superior reliability, but you also want an easy-to-use and economical system. Here enters the DSC PowerSeries to provide you with all the security benefits of a reliable, efficient, and economical alarm system. So, what are the features and devices of the DSC PowerSeries Neo that make it not only the most comprehensive in the industry but also the most beneficial for your property? Get ahead of the curve and learn more about this leading hybrid system.


Secure Forward: 12 Home Security Trends To Look Forward To This 2016

The home security industry continues to evolve. The wide range of security options available today was made possible by aggressive advances in technology. But while home security trends become even more sophisticated each year, so does tech-savvy burglars and criminals, who use social media to target victims and know a thing or two about hi-tech security systems.

Thirteen seconds. That’s how long it takes before another home is broken into, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That means a family is falling into the hands of burglars while trying to spell out the word burglar.


How to Setup WiFi on Your Honeywell Lynx L5200

The Honeywell security system understands the importance of home security just as it promotes the convenience of wireless monitoring and control for your alarm system from anywhere in the world. Burglary and other crimes remain high, and offenders are becoming bold and sophisticated in their modus operandi. To properly secure your property and loved ones, it is essential that you maximize available technologies such as WiFi connectivity to bolster your home security.

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Quickly pack an extra punch for your home security with this easy DIY guide in installing your Honeywell security system to your WiFi network.


Easy Steps To Install DSC PowerSeries NEO For Your Home

Value for money is the top requirement of most consumers in any investment they make. And it is no different in finding the best home security system that they can easily install themselves. As a smart consumer, you want superior capabilities for your home security system without breaking the bank. You also want a device that is uncompromising in providing security for your property and family, easy to use, and saves you time to set up. Best value, performance, and convenience—the DSC PowerSeries NEO offers you complete security solutions for all these consumer demands.

The DSC PowerSeries NEO is a groundbreaking security hybrid system that combines the best of both traditional and modern technological systems. Its popularity among consumers is largely due to it being a superior, versatile system that can easily accommodate wireless monitoring and control via cellular gadgets and other devices. Because it allows wireless connectivity, the DSC PowerSeries NEO can be integrated into your home without disturbing its existing layout or design. The DSC PowerSeries NEO is also compatible with with the appropriate cellular communicator to give you complete access and control of your alarm on the go.


8 Reasons to Secure Your Home with Honeywell L5200

The very idea of a criminal breaking into a home, stealing and damaging property, and even inflicting hurt toward loved ones is something that may naturally make you shudder. However, burglaries are a real threat. According to the FBI, in 2014 alone there were more than 1.7 million burglary cases in the United States. That translates to 194 incidents per hour! While the startling figures have slightly decreased, the rate is still high for burglary cases and general crime that can be easily deterred by security measures. For this reason, home security remains to be a top concern and practical issue for many.

Given the statistics, the importance of having the best alarm system for your home or business cannot be overemphasized enough. While burglary is the most common crime committed, it is also the easiest to avoid. Did you know that according to some studies, as much as 94 percent of burglars avoid homes with a monitored alarm system? Having an efficient, economical, and the best house alarm system is one of the smartest ways to protect yourself and your family against household crimes.


Efficient Home Energy Management With Honeywell Z-Wave

Energy efficiency has now become a must for every homeowner and not just a trend. Using energy responsibly helps homeowners save on electric bills while also helping the environment. According to’s Energy Saver Guide, a huge part of energy used in America’s 115 million homes is wasted in inefficient systems. Moreover, Americans typically spend a minimum of $2,200 per year on utility bills.

You can save up to 25% of this amount when you and your family practice energy-saving tips at your home as suggested by Fortunately, you can leverage technological innovations to your advantage, making things a whole lot easier. You can now achieve a secure and sustainable home with a smart home security system like Honeywell. Here are 7 home energy-saving tips that homeowners should look into.

Brighten Up Your Home With Efficient Lighting

efficient lighting at home

There is no doubt about it: saving energy at home is a great target to achieve. However, it cannot be denied how energy efficiency can take a backseat when you are caught up in a busy and jam-packed schedule.


Smarter Homes for Busy Homeowners with Home Automation

Home automation is a smart investment for busy and always on-the-go homeowners who need more efficient ways to manage and secure their home when they are away. Aside from avoiding unnecessary energy consumption due to a hectic schedule, home automation lets people take control of security in their home anytime, anywhere.

Honeywell offers DIY home automation and security options like the newest Lynx Touch L7000 that you can easily customize to suit your needs. Just set up scenes and schedules depending on the time you wake up, leave for and get home from work, go to sleep, and so on. Create and edit these as needed, even remotely on your smartphone. Enjoy comfort and convenience, save energy, and protect your home with just the perfect solution.

home automation while away

With home automation, busy homeowners can ensure their house is safe even while they’re on the road. Photo Courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr, Creative Commons

More convenience, lesser bills with smart thermostats
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average monthly electric bill in households is over $100, half of which comes from air conditioners and heaters. Reduce your cooling and heating costs by 10% to 30% with programmable thermostats. (more…)