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How the DSC PowerSeries NEO Firmly Secures A Partitioned Home

Ask Americans what lifestyle perks they long for, and a lot of them will likely talk about home size. Last year, the US Census Bureau reported that new houses built in 2015 had an average size of 2,687 square feet, with a median-sized new house having a footprint of 2,467 square feet. That’s a size increase of more than 50% over American houses built in 1973. But a bigger home comes with significant risk, considering that most violent and property crimes that occur in the US remain unsolved, according to the Pew Research Center.

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Security Wish List: Devices and Accessories for A Reliable 2017 Alarm System

Safety is something you can never assume. You can’t assume that you’re safe or that your home is always secure. You can’t assume that your loved ones are safe back home. You can’t leave security to chance, you have to find ways to ensure that your home and family are indeed safe.

One way to do that is to install and operate a reliable home security system. Various studies have established the correlation between burglary and the presence of an alarm system. In a recent research by the news agency KTVB, 86 convicted burglars were interviewed on how they break into a home and what they consider as major deterrents. Generally, burglars agreed that home security devices were a deterrent and that when an alarm goes off, they would leave immediately.

Security Devices and Accesories

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Alarm Celluar / GSM Communicators

As many people are starting to get rid of their home telephone service, they are in search of a cellular or gsm alarm communicator so their system can report alarms to the Central Station.

When it comes to choosing a cellular communicator, aka GSM, there are many options to choose from.  The one I would like to introduce and is very popular is the Uplink 2500This is a universal Communicator and can be used with any alarm system.  There is no need trying to figure out which communicator is needed.

The Uplink 2500 cell communicator module is an alarm communicator that sends alarm data to a central monitoring station over the cellular network. The Uplink 2500 hooks into your siren terminals. Depending on what signal is being activated by the terminals, depends on what signal is sent to the central monitoring station. If a burglary signal is activated, the unit would report a burglary alarm to the monitoring station and the same goes for fire. (more…)


DSC Alarm System Troubles

Confused About DSC Trouble Conditions

Confused About DSC Trouble Conditions

Many people call and state that they have a trouble light or a triangle lit up on their keypad. If either of those are lit up, then your system is letting you know that something isn’t right. Here is an easy way to tell what the trouble may be.

On your DSC Keypad, hit ” * 2

Zone light will turn on showing trouble

Zone Light 1 Service Required, Press 1 again to show exact trouble (more…)


Subscribers Galore!!


Alarm System Store

Alarm System Store

I am writing this post because we here at the Alarm System Store have noticed a daily upswing of subscribers. We love the fact that people are flocking to our site. A good majority have been legitimate people who have signed up to keep track of what’s been going on here at the Alarm System Store.

While we are ecstatic that so many people have taken an interest in us, we are just a bit curious where all of you are coming from. So, I decided to post this and ask all of you if you would please leave a comment on this article letting us know how you found us. Just add a comment below and name the site that directed you here. Maybe we can send a thank you to the sites that have been posting information about us. (more…)


Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector

Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector

Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector

The Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector is a very handy unit that can be used with any alarm system that features wireless transmitters that have outputs for wired normally closed devices. This also may be hardwired to the alarm panel by a home-run wire run if that is an option

The Optex BX80NR is an outdoor perimeter motion detection system that mounts on the side of your home. It is used to detect when anyone comes near your windows or any opening leading into your home.

The back box has a place to put the wireless transmitter if that’s how you choose to set it up.  If you are operating this via battery power then the BX80NR has a power-saving mode that will extend the life of your batteries. (more…)