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Your Step-by-Step Preparedness Guide

While we don’t realize it, evacuation is getting more and more common these days. According to people find themselves in the midst of accidents more than a hundred times on a yearly basis. Disasters are overwhelming and their magnitude and frequency are getting more serious, and at times, even fatal. Disasters cannot be avoided, but preparing for it makes their damage less or more tolerable. To make sure that your family will be able to make it through an emergency, social unrest, or an unforeseen calamity, it is best to arm yourself with an emergency preparedness plan.


Image by Agência Brasil via Wikimedia Commons

Communication, a dependable set of warning devices, and an ample supply of emergency food and water will ensure that you’d live to tell your own version of a survivalist’s tale. Here are some ways to arm you and your family with the right information and manageable action plan when faced with the world’s worst disaster. (more…)


Best Survival Food Kits for the World’s Worst Disasters

Did you know that in spite being a first-world country, the United States has yet to address the rise of sudden and very problematic power outages? Brad Plumer, an energy and environmental reporter, revealed that a single blackout could affect 50 million people. Plumer alerted the complacent public that a massive blackout equates to distraction and destruction resulting to death and lost dollars be it in personal or professional investments. With this alarming note, it is easy to see where the food security puzzle piece fits in the equation. When power is out, the availability and the ability to get hold of even meager food supply gets less frequent, if not, totally inaccessible. The skill of ensuring all your bases are covered begins with practical planning in the light of smart food stocking. After all, food is essential in winning the war of surviving a massively distressing disaster. Consuming the right quality and quantity of food provides the energy needed for making it through seemingly long, uncertain days and nights.


Compact means convenient in this modern world’s hunger game.

Whether you are on your own, the head of the family or a member of a community, you must duly secure your food supply so as to ensure that your survival and wellbeing won’t be at risk whenever an unforeseen flood, earthquake, or even a man-made economic turbulence comes to your home without knocking on your door. In this time and age of uncertainty, security and safety entails that you and your family are armed with the right game plan, backed up with dependable, portable, very practical emergency survival food kits must be part of every family and community who aim to prepare for the world’s worst disasters. (more…)