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Thirteen seconds – that is all the time it takes before burglars and criminals break into another home in America. Think about this: even before you finish that next bite, a family is placed under absolute danger.

Crime does not discriminate. Anyone can be a victim – young or old, rich or poor. But here lies the big difference: Homes without security and alarm systems are 300% more likely to be attacked and broken into.

But here’s the catch, only 17% of homes in America have an alarm system and security cameras. It’s no surprise that more than 2 million home burglaries and intrusions were reported in 2012, according to the latest crime statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In total, 10 million crimes were reported that year: nearly 9 million property crimes and more than a million violent crimes.

Take note, these are only reported crimes. Approximately half of violent crimes and 40% of property crimes do not figure in statistics. But the fact remains – they do happen, everyday.


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According to the 2012 National Crime Victimization Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 26 out of every 1,000 people experienced violent crime (rape, robbery, assault). That is a 15% increase compared to previous year. Property crimes increased by 12%.
Just this month of February, transportation officials in Boston installed 360-degree live surveillance cameras in all city buses. They are embedded in walls and ceilings to give commuters a sense of safety. If buses, small establishments, schools, churches have surveillance cameras, shouldn’t your home, where your children sleep and play, have one too? (more…)


LT Security IR Illuminator Lamp

The LT Security IR Illuminator Lamp is a powerful way to extend any IR surveillance camera’s night vision range!

A lot of people aren’t happy with just 30′ of night vision that you get with standard IR surveillance cameras. If you mount your surveillance cameras to your house and you want to see the road at night, the road may be more than 30 feet away so you won’t be able to catch details of any cars that may stop or pass by.

The LT Security IR Illuminator Lamp will help you in this aspect. This will extend the night range of your surveillance cameras up to 200 feet. It will light the night up with the cat’s eye view of the surrounding area. (more…)


Foscam FI8908W Pan / Tilt Network IP Surveillance Camera with IR

This the newest in IP-based surveillance cameras and is packed full of features. The new Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera is an internet based camera. This camera allows you to connect it with a hardwired Cat-5 cable or wireless via a wireless router connected to your computer. One of the key features fairly unique for this camera is that it has a built-in mic and speaker that allows for two-way audio monitoring and communication to the camera location.

This Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera features high quality video and audio, pan / tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, nightvision as well as a built in DVR recording system that will record to any hard drive on the network. In addition, it is Iphone compatible and viewable over the 3G network using the standard Safari browser (no app necessary). (more…)



The PIR DVR w/ Remote DVRPIR is one of latest and greatest!! This is a sneaky way to keep tabs on your household. This security camera with built-in DVR capabilities looks just like a normal PIR motion detector.

This motion detector is an actual motion detector!! It will trigger upon movement. It can be compared to a hunter trap camera in the way that it works. The unit accepts a multi-media SD card. It will accept up to a 32 GB SD card to take still photos and video footage.

You can also continuously record as well with this tiny security guard!! Doing this might eat up some space on the SD card, but it’s capable of doing it. This feature could be used for those 2 hour shopping excursions or when you go across town to visit family. (more…)


LT Surveillance Camera System Kit – H.264 DVR Eight Camera Kit

LT Surveillance Camera System Kit - H.264 DVR Eight Camera Kit

LT Surveillance Camera System Kit – H.264 DVR Eight Camera Kit

The LT Surveillance Camera System Kit – H.264 DVR Eight Camera Kit is truly a great surveillance system for those who want to keep an eye on their homes or businesses. The cameras are good for use indoors or outdoors and have night vision capability.

The DVR in this kit makes it easy for you to view your cameras from any location. With a little knowledge about setting up port forwarding on your router, which can be garnered from a quick Google search, you’ll be able to watch what’s going on at your home or business anywhere in the world. (more…)