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Don’t Miss Any: 6 Crucial Pre-Spring Home Security Check

Time certainly flies. We’re already more than a month into 2017, which means that spring will start anytime now, and people will be setting their clocks forward for daylight saving once again. Homeowners will be doing some spring cleaning. And if your home has a security system, your pre-springtime routine shouldn’t end there. As the retreating winter signals the arrival of spring, you can subject your home security equipment to some much-needed scrutiny.

With that in mind, here are some home security maintenance checks that you can do before you welcome spring.

Clean your smoke detectors

home security smoke detectors

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8 Sure Ways to Power Up Your Business Security with Alarm System Store

What good is your business investment if a single burglary can take everything away? Many entrepreneurs are concerned about business security systems, but news show that the steps they take in protecting their properties leave much room for improvement. In the US alone, a notorious property crime is reported every three seconds. Numbers may be different per area, but the average frequency remains alarmingly high.

expand your security

Expand your security with the Ademco Honeywell Vista 21iP Kit
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10 Dorm-Friendly Devices to Keep Your Kids Out of Trouble

So you’re sending your child off to a college dormitory, and while the newly minted freshman may feel anxious and nervous, you probably have concerns too. Some might be simple, like whether he or she can do laundry independently, but a lot are related to external dangers. Nowadays, higher learning doesn’t happen in a threat-proof vacuum, so you as a parent should at least consider looking into alarm devices from your local home security store for keeping dorm rooms safe.

dorm-friendly devices

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Security System Setup Dilemma: Go DIY or Hire a Pro?

With today’s alarming crime rates, having a home security system has become of utmost necessity. Did you know that modern-day burglars are so brazen that many of them are unafraid to commit a crime in broad daylight?

when sun is out

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What to Burglarproof: 8 Most Stolen Items from Homes

Imagine coming home from work or vacation only to find out that your valuables have been stolen. Nightmare! Unfortunately, for many homeowners, burglary is not a simple figment of the imagination; it is a palpable threat and reality.

tv, latptop, and electronics

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Profiling the Modern Burglar: What You Need To Know Now

Average and Amateur

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They say that when fighting a war, you have to know who you are fighting against. You have to know the enemy so you know just where to hit them and how to beat them. Property crimes such as home burglaries are among the wars of the civilized society.

Crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that there were an estimated 1.73 million cases of burglaries in the recent year. That is still almost 5,000 homes getting burglarized everyday or nearly 200 homes every hour. There is much work to be done.



15 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Kids’ Safety

How sure are you about your kids’ home safety? As parents and guardians, we can’t help but worry about our kids’ safety both when we are with them and especially when we are not with them. Sometimes, however, being a loving parent is not enough to protect your kids from harm. You also have to be smart, aware of the possible dangers at home that can injure kids. Create a safe environment for your kids with home security tips for these 15 dangerous situations at home.

1. Using Potentially Harmful Bedding

potentially harmful bedding

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Better Home Security: 12 Winning Habits to Sustain

You’re done installing an alarm system? Great! That significantly reduces the possibility of criminals and accidents wreaking havoc to your home. However, all the high-tech devices you have can only work best if you have a smart and established home safety routine. What habits must you develop to make sure that all your bases are covered? Here are 12 home safety tips to always keep in mind.

1. Cover Your Windows

cover your windows



Win Back Security: 10 Things To Do After A Break-in

Have you or anyone you know been victimized by home burglary? The US Department of Justice warns that more than two million households become victims of burglary each year. In many cases, a family member is in the house during the break-in. The impact of the incident to the victim’s’ financial and psychological well-being cannot be understated.

Update your home security software



Top 10 Security Mistakes Of First-Time Homeowners

First-time homeowners are so excited of finally getting a place of their own that most of what they focus on is superficial: design, theme, color, and furniture. Nothing wrong about that except that home security, the benefits of which are beyond superficial, also deserves to be in any homeowner’s priority list.

What’s good to know is that with the emerging technology, there’s more awareness to the benefits of a home security system. When security coincides with energy savings and convenience, the whole idea of home safety becomes better. LinkedIn cited in their 2014 study that 60% of adults subscribe to smart home technology primarily because of perceived importance of security. (more…)