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10 Best Buys for Your Home and Business Alarm System

Emergencies and disasters are gaining momentum these days. To ensure that all your home and business bases are covered, invest on reasonably priced warning device upgrades and add-ons. After all, monitoring your property means more than securing your investments, as you prioritize your best asset –your family and loved ones. Prepare to avoid the scare and despair with these ten bestsellers from Alarm System Store.



One of the cheapest and easiest ways to prevent burglary, theft, and vandalism in your property or office is to install hard-to-miss security warning decals on possible entry points of thieves and intruders. Look for security decals that could be readable even at a distance of 2 or 3 feet.

To make sure that all entry and exit points in your home or office is secured, install these warning signs in your ground floor window and all your doors, as they are the most obvious target of intruders lurking in the streets. Next, check your driveway entry to prevent the grand auto theft plan that these robbers have up their sleeves. (more…)


Honeywell MID-7H Android Mobile Internet Device w/ Built-In Wi-Fi

The  Honeywell MID-7H Android Mobile Internet Device w/ Built-In Wi-Fi is one of the newest additions to our stock and it is a great addition at that!

When I was first introduced to the MID-7H I noticed that it came in a Honeywell branded product box with the usual red and white packaging. I proceeded to open the box to get my hands on the cool tablet which lay inside.

Upon opening the product box; I immediately saw the MID-7H tablet. It’s a sleek, black tablet with a 7″ screen. I tried powering up the tablet, but it seems that Honeywell sends them without a charged battery. I looked further into the box and found the power adapter. I also located a little zip-locked baggy that contained the tablet’s user manual, 2-USB adapters, and a set of earphones. They really give you everything you’d need to use it.



Alarm Celluar / GSM Communicators

As many people are starting to get rid of their home telephone service, they are in search of a cellular or gsm alarm communicator so their system can report alarms to the Central Station.

When it comes to choosing a cellular communicator, aka GSM, there are many options to choose from.  The one I would like to introduce and is very popular is the Uplink 2500This is a universal Communicator and can be used with any alarm system.  There is no need trying to figure out which communicator is needed.

The Uplink 2500 cell communicator module is an alarm communicator that sends alarm data to a central monitoring station over the cellular network. The Uplink 2500 hooks into your siren terminals. Depending on what signal is being activated by the terminals, depends on what signal is sent to the central monitoring station. If a burglary signal is activated, the unit would report a burglary alarm to the monitoring station and the same goes for fire. (more…)


Programming DSC Zone Definitions

There are several times people get confused on programming their zone definitions into the DSC security systems.  It is fairly easy to do, but can also be really confusing.  Zone definitions basically tells the system how that zone is to respond to that device being triggered.  In other words, the definition tells the system how to function for that zone.  The only thing to remember when doing your definitions is to know that you will not enter a zone number, but only a definition.  You must also know how to count, because each time you enter a 2-digit zone definition, the system will do a quick triple beep and then you are ready to input the definition for the next zone.

Here are the most common Zone Definitions:

  • Definition 00 = Not Used (null, turned off)
  • Definition 01 = Delay 1 (ie: entry/exit doors)
  • Definition 03 = Instant (ie: window sensors, non entry doors, glass breaks)
  • Definition 05 = Interior Stay/Away (motion)
  • Definition 08 = Delayed 24hr Fire (hardwired)
  • Definition 88 = Standard 24hr Fire (wireless) (more…)

RF House Code On Honeywell Alarm Panels

A few people I’ve talked to in the past on the tech support line have a big misunderstanding of what Honeywell’s RF House Code is used for or even what it is.

Honeywell incorporated the RF House Code into the programming of quite a few of their panels whether they be the hardwired Vista panels equipped with wireless receivers or their totally wireless Lynx panels. The house code was made for certain add-on accessories so that they wouldn’t take up zones in programming.

We will use the Honeywell 5800WAVE Wireless Siren, pictured to the left, as an example of how to set up the RF House Code in your Honeywell system and in the device itself. (more…)


DSC 1864 version 4.6

DSC has released version 4.6 of the 1864 panel. The new updates in this version consist of:

  • 64 Wireless Zones using the version 4.6 and the new RFK5564 keypad
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process (using ver 1.3 of the RFK5564 or the RFK5500)
  • Word library for programming zone labels (available with ver 1.3 of the RFK5564, RFK5500, or PK5500 and available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish) (more…)

Foscam FI8908W Pan / Tilt Network IP Surveillance Camera with IR

This the newest in IP-based surveillance cameras and is packed full of features. The new Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera is an internet based camera. This camera allows you to connect it with a hardwired Cat-5 cable or wireless via a wireless router connected to your computer. One of the key features fairly unique for this camera is that it has a built-in mic and speaker that allows for two-way audio monitoring and communication to the camera location.

This Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera features high quality video and audio, pan / tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, nightvision as well as a built in DVR recording system that will record to any hard drive on the network. In addition, it is Iphone compatible and viewable over the 3G network using the standard Safari browser (no app necessary). (more…)



The PIR DVR w/ Remote DVRPIR is one of latest and greatest!! This is a sneaky way to keep tabs on your household. This security camera with built-in DVR capabilities looks just like a normal PIR motion detector.

This motion detector is an actual motion detector!! It will trigger upon movement. It can be compared to a hunter trap camera in the way that it works. The unit accepts a multi-media SD card. It will accept up to a 32 GB SD card to take still photos and video footage.

You can also continuously record as well with this tiny security guard!! Doing this might eat up some space on the SD card, but it’s capable of doing it. This feature could be used for those 2 hour shopping excursions or when you go across town to visit family. (more…)


Digital Wireless 2.4″ LCD Baby Monitor with IR Camera and 2-Way Audio

Digital Wireless 2.4″ LCD Baby Monitor with IR Camera and 2-Way Audio

The Digital Wireless 2.4″ LCD Baby Monitor with IR Camera and 2-Way Audio is a new product that we have added to our site that we are really proud to feature!! Not only is the safety of your home a priority, but the safety of your family is also at the top of the list as well.

Keeping an eye on your toddler while you’re in the kitchen fixing dinner used to be a chore with constant back and forth trips to the child’s room to check in on them. Then when the audible monitor came out; you could hear if your child needed you but you couldn’t exactly see what was going on.

Now with the Digital Wireless 2.4″ LCD Baby Monitor you can hear when you child is needing you or in trouble and you can actually see what the problem might be before you even step foot in the room! (more…)


Diversion Safes

Diversion Safes

Diversion Safes

We are now working in products for self-protection and home safety. Included in this line up are our line of diversion safes. What is a diversion safe you ask? Well they are safes that you can leave lying around you house and crooks won’t even know that they are there.

Not only can you put your valuables in these and leave them lying around the house; some of them also are real functioning pieces of equipment. We now offer a wall clock safe that is a real working clock, but has hidden behind the face a safe where you can store jewelry, cash, etc.

Besides the wall clock safe we are now offering products like our book safe or our safes that look like rocks, fruit cocktail cans, shaving cream cans, etc. (more…)