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6 Reasons Why Sirens Give Homeowners an Essential Security Edge

Sensors and cameras are great home security tools. If your locks at home fail to keep criminals out, sensors linked to your smart devices will let you know. Well-placed cameras can also let you watch and document their movements. However, unless you actually have something that can interrupt crooks, you’re still putting your family and property at risk.

That’s why security sirens can come in very handy. Sirens create real tactical advantages in practically all security systems, ranging from the very basic to the most cutting-edge.

Make Wrongdoers Run

Sirens Make Wrongdoers Run

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5 Security Devices Perfect for Couples and Newlyweds

There are a lot of things that couples need to feel secure about before getting married or deciding to live together. There’s financial security and stability of income. There’s also emotional security and how good you feel about each other. But there’s the other type of security that often gets overlooked—home security.

breezy installation on a budget

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6 Necessary Devices for Your Garage Home Security

It only takes a 6-second break-in for a burglar to steal from your home. Your main door may be locked and you may have security devices, but forgetting about securing your garage will leave your home vulnerable. Next to your main door, your garage is the place criminals will target to enter your home. Stop them in their tracks with these 7 devices for securing your garage door from burglary.

1. Install a Surveillance Camera

install a surveillance camera

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Top 10 Security Tools to Keep Kids Safe at Home

Who is at the doorYou would think that the home is the safest place for your children. You baby-proofed it as much as you can, hired a caring nanny, and made it so comfortable for your children. But when it comes child safety, we can never let our guard down. No threat is petty and no danger is minor.
Parents go to extreme lengths to keep their kids safe. However, the facts are still not that kind. Safe Kids Worldwide found that 3.5 million children get injured at home and are rushed to the hospital. Accidents such as falling, choking, and getting cuts or burns are among the most common ones. The research also showed that the top three home safety concerns related to children are fire, falling, and burglary. (more…)


A Safe Home May Not Be Really Safe For Kids

safe home

Are you really sure that your kids are safe at home, 24/7? Photo courtesy of Cia De Foto via Flickr, Creative Commons

So you’ve taken all precautionary measures already but you still feel that it’s not enough. If you could have the chance to provide the perfect and complete security protection as part of your home safety for children, would you do it? Of course, the most logical answer is a resounding “YES!”. With possible threats, robberies, and crimes lurking around the corner, there’s no point in wasting a single second for your family’s security—especially your kids. A single second not spent wisely may spell out disaster which you might regret in the future. There’s nothing to lose when it comes to investing in foolproof house alarms and security systems for your family’s security. As they say, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. (more…)


Shop Online In Heartbleed-Free Ecommerce Sites

heartbleed virus

Have you encountered this “Heartbeed”? Photo via Community News Commons

Heartbleed may be so 2014, but it is a testament that no one can assume impenetrable security measures, so being prepared is the best way to avoid inconveniences brought about by hackers lurking around the vast and fast world run by the internet.

While the inconvenience that Heartbleed brought to users and online shoppers has already been under control, one fact still remains: Even the most stringent protocols for security can be attacked anytime.  (more…)


Why You Should Choose Alarm System Store

Finding a trusted supplier for home alarm systems is not an easy task. More than protecting your home or business, you are also on your way to safeguard the ones who matter most to you – your loved ones. Peace of mind in this time and age seems to be more difficult to keep, let alone, attain. Then again, when you partner with the best home security provider, overcoming the uncertainties from both man-made and natural threats are surely more manageable and even more tolerable.

Alarm System Store is one of the best security system providers. Based on our first time and regular buyers, we are known for:

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Protected Schools, Thanks To Security Systems in Place

school safety and security systems

Are we sure that our kids are safe and secured inside school premises? Photo by Annie R. B. Elis, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Government Work

Schools need to re-evaluate its security measures. The Bureau of Justice Statistics 2013 report on Indicators of School Crime and Safety reports that in 2012, 12 to 18 year old students experienced about 1.4 million nonfatal school victimization, with 749,200 violent cases and 615,600 cases of theft. For 2009 to 2010 alone, 85% of public schools have reported that one or more crime incidents took place at school, estimating a number of 1.9 million crimes reported.

One of the solutions of schools to prevent these crimes and incidents from happening in their own grounds is by installing security systems. In 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice published a report entitled, “The Appropriate and Effective Use of Security Technologies in U.S. Schools” which provides basic guidelines for school administrators and law enforcers to collaborate and make informed decisions on which security technology to use to further create a safe school environment for everyone. And the schools are serious about these, especially in the light of recent school tragedies that took place. The National Association of School Psychologists found out on their research on school security that tighter security measures are being implemented in public schools, even though there are no visible threats in their school grounds. (more…)


10 Basic Upgrades That Will Help Improve Your Home Security

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that in 2012, burglaries of residential properties amounted to 74.5% of the total burglary offenses in America. It was further reported that victims of burglaries incurred property losses estimating to $4.7 billion and the average dollar loss per burglary case amounted to $2,230. If these statistics doesn’t shock you, studies found out that there’s one burglary incident every 15 seconds and an estimated 2,103,787 reported burglary cases in 2012. But on a more positive note, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) researcher Joseph Kuhns from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology revealed in his study that approximately 83 percent of burglars would determine first if an alarm was present at home before breaking in, and 60 percent would find an alternative target if there was an existing home alarm present.

If alarm systems can make burglars run away from your property, it’s time to make sure that these systems are placed properly and running in top condition. If not, then you might want to do a home security upgrade and get the best devices for your home. You don’t need to be afraid and be paranoid just to make the essential upgrades to your existing home security system. Depending on your personal preferences for home security, this might be the perfect time to take it to the next level through these 10 easy, simple and basic home upgrades for an improved and better security:

1. Have a Tech Upgrade for Your Doors
Doors are the most obvious targets of burglars. The UNC Charlotte research reports that in order to gain entry, approximately 1 in 8 burglars picked locks or used a key that they had previously acquired. To further protect your home, consider prepping up your door as one of your first security improvements. Be sure that it’s not just with a simple lock, but with a hi-tech one. Alongside a heavy duty door and a good framework, a contemporary smartcode deadbolt lock will ensure that your door is completely safe from intruders and possible break-ins.

door lock security upgrade

Choose a contemporary lock that allows you to remotely check on its status wherever you are.

Nowadays, locks are well equipped and are in sync with the recent technological advancements. With a single click on the internet, features such as the ability to lock and unlock your door, check the door’s status remotely, and receive text and email notifications when locks are activated are prized features that can help you feel secured with your property’s main entry point. To better combat burglars, make sure that your lock provides additional security from lock bumping, which burglars often use to destroy conventional locks. (more…)


How to Secure Your Property – the Remote Way

One of the best feelings in life is to spend time with people you love. Going out for a vacation is always a great opportunity to have quality time with your family. Your bag is jampacked with clothes and food, the car is ready, and the kids are all set for your weekend vacation. They happily ride the car as you go around for last-minute checks around the house; checking if the windows are closed, main doors are locked and if alarm systems are in place and in good condition. You start to drive the car away from your garage and head on to the beach. As you continue to drive, you can’t help but think if your house is really safe. You brush off the negative situations that might occur which are forming in your mind and just focus on the vacation itself. But still, it’s as if you want to drive back to your house just to make sure – one last time.

Feeling safe and secured nowadays goes along with the ability to check your home or your property remotely. It helps you to be updated of what’s happening in your home, even if you are outside—working, playing or doing the stuff that you love with your family. But how exactly do you setup your security system in place? Thanks to the power of the internet, you can easily achieve it together with your reliable access controls and network surveillance camera systems. Being able to remotely monitor even when you’re on-the-go can make your home security up a notch higher for a complete home and property protection.

Stop, Lock and Listen

home security for intruder

Doors are meant to be opened to your friends and family, and not to strangers and burglars. Photo by Michael Gil, Creative Commons

Aside from windows and driveways as usual entry points of burglars, they always target the main doors when breaking through a property, specifically homes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published in their 2012 Uniform Crime Reports that 74.5% of burglaries are home burglaries with 39.5% of it happening at day time. Another important thing to note is that 34% of burglars enter through the main door. Considering this figures, you might want to double check on your main door lock to combat those first steps of burglars.  (more…)