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Alarm Celluar / GSM Communicators

As many people are starting to get rid of their home telephone service, they are in search of a cellular or gsm alarm communicator so their system can report alarms to the Central Station.

When it comes to choosing a cellular communicator, aka GSM, there are many options to choose from.  The one I would like to introduce and is very popular is the Uplink 2500This is a universal Communicator and can be used with any alarm system.  There is no need trying to figure out which communicator is needed.

The Uplink 2500 cell communicator module is an alarm communicator that sends alarm data to a central monitoring station over the cellular network. The Uplink 2500 hooks into your siren terminals. Depending on what signal is being activated by the terminals, depends on what signal is sent to the central monitoring station. If a burglary signal is activated, the unit would report a burglary alarm to the monitoring station and the same goes for fire. (more…)


ATW Bus Terminal Expander (BT-600)

The BT 600 is a nice little terminal expander used to keep the amount of wires limited in a terminal.

After several questions from customers asking, “how do I fit all these wires in one terminal”, we would like to introduce to you the Terminal Expander by ATW.

Lets say for example you have six wires in your “Aux -” and six wires in you “Aux +” terminals on you main control panel.  The BT-600 will allow you to eliminate that clutter.  You would run one wire from you “Aux -” to one side of the BT-600.  All the wires in your “Aux -” will go on the same side as the wire you ran.  The same goes for “Aux +”.  Each wire will have it’s own terminal and will allow for better connectivity and less clutter. (more…)


Elk 110/120 Siren Drivers

Elk Security Products

Elk Security Products

Elk Products have a few siren drivers that can be used to push a speaker where a siren is needed.
The two most common are the Elk-110 and the Elk-120.

1) The Elk-110 is a talking voice driver that produces quality pre-recorded voice messages and a siren. The 110 is a low current draw add-on and features three input channels One for Burglar, One for Fire, and One for Carbon Monoxide, it also plays either English or Spanish, and many unique options which allow it to be used with virtually any residential or commercial alarm System. (more…)


Elk-TS071 LCD Touchscreen Keypad

The ELK-TS071 Touchscreen Keypad can make your ELK alarm panel come alive with its stunning graphic display and intuitive icons. This will bring a whole new level to your ELK M1 or ELK M1 Gold alarm system.

The ELK-TS071 connects to an ELK M1EZ8 or M1Gold via a local network through its built-in ethernet port and can communicate to either of these panels. You must use ELK’s ELK-M1XEP Ethernet Interface to connect your panel to a network, but once you do; this keypad will do some amazing things. (more…)


ELK M1 Gold Security & Automation Systems

The ELK M1 Gold alarm panels are a very robust line of alarm systems that will take your security and home/business automation to new levels!

ELK builds their systems straight out of the gate to handle not only intrusion protection but they also build in options to run household items through the use of low voltage outputs and a built-in serial port to connect the system into a local network to work with computers and for allowing the user to have remote access of their system from another computer outside of the network.

This panel, when connected to the Elk-M1XEP Ethernet Interface, can provide the owner with a web-based, easy to access and control, interface that will allow them to check the status of their system from anywhere in the world that has internet access. The ELK-M1XEP has its own built-in Java based server that allows you to do this with no extra software needed.

The M1 Gold panels also have built-in voice dialer which allows the panel to call out for self-monitoring or central station monitoring. (more…)


Elk-M1XEP Ethernet Interface

The ELK-M1XEP is a great add-on for any tech geek who has an ELK M1 panel. This will allow you to remotely control and monitor the ELK panel via the internet. The M1XEP has a built-in web server and a Java applet interface which makes this a very user friendly means of controlling anything from the arming state of the system to controlling lights, temperature, etc.

This also features a built-in software setup utility to help you configuring the connection setup, network password, etc. The M1XEP can also use a dynamic IP address or can be set up to use a static IP address as well. (more…)