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The Definitive Guide to Operating Partitioned DSC Alarm Systems

Setting all the security devices within your property to be armed and disarmed at the same ti

me can be impractical. What if your residence includes separate structures, like a guest house or a separate garage? What if you want to keep certain rooms secure while making others accessible? If some areas of the house are dangerous for your kids and pets, how can you set the alarms to go off if they enter those spaces? Thankfully, you have another option: having a few partitions set up will let you control your security better.

A DSC NEO security system can let you establish different security areas (partitions) within your home. That way, alarms in certain areas can be turned off without affecting others. If you’re not familiar with that function, this handy how-to guide will give you a basic overview.

Get a pro to set things up

Operating Partitioned DSC Get a Pro

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A Total Home Experience with DSC Touch Wireless Alarm Systems

The human brain is a powerful computer, but it’s also limited in many ways. When it’s rushed, stressed or overloaded with stimuli, it has more trouble processing information. That’s why even the smartest parents and single homeowners can make mistakes; they have to juggle priorities like family, career, personal development, and home management on a daily basis. In fact, a lot of homeowners don’t realize how much time, effort, and energy they waste until they use a smart solution like the DSC Touch system.

Just imagine: what if you could lock all your doors and secure your home with just one touch? Or know when someone breaks into your home? Or reduce your lighting and climate control costs? With the DSC Touch all-in-one system, you can get smarter and easier control over your home.

Set Up with Ease

DSC Set Up with Ease

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In Review: DSC Keypads and Their Top 5 Impressive Uses

Home security has come of age. Gone are the days when locks and deadbolts were all we need to ensure our family’s safety and give us a good night’s sleep. Today, home security devices help in creating a smarter home so you can be worry-free wherever you are. And they do more than just secure our homes, but they also help us manage it.


Conveniently access your home security needs through the DSC PTK5507W Color Touch Screen White Keypad with its easy-to-use graphic interface and a home screen that is customizable to your needs.
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What’s New in Home Security: DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT

How prepared are you for a home invasion? It’s important to ask this question in light of the high crime rates. In a test conducted by “Good Morning America,” a safety and security expert demonstrated how easy it was to break into a home in the absence of a security system. Just how useful and important is a home security system?

For home security owners, the quest to improve protection is an ongoing commitment. A product review on DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT is thus useful not only for those thinking of getting a security system, but also for those who want to upgrade to a new top-of-the-line alarm system. To help you, here’s a DSC touch review with seven points to consider.

1. Smart and Wireless Machine

smart wireless machine

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Have a Safe Home with the DSC Kit64-219SE Power 1864 Alarm System Kit

Did you know that only 15% of US households have a security system? Even with modern security vulnerabilities and an already wide range of options in the market, most households would still risk their home safety.

But you shouldn’t. When it comes to securing your family and prized possessions, you deserve only the best the market has to offer. Digital Security Controls (DSC), the world leader in electronic security, introduces the top-rated PowerSeries security system that offers the greatest possible flexibility and convenience. DSC understands its clients’ changing needs and market trends, using these as guides for its innovations.

The DSC Kit64-219SE Power 1864 Alarm System Kit is a premier alarm system package perfect for a large home with expansion room for up to 64 zones. Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should consider getting this alarm system kit today.

Reason #1: Alerts the Fire Department on Time
alerts fire department



The Ultimate Guide to Using Your DSC Touch Alarm System

The business of keeping our homes safe is undergoing a revolution. Times are definitely more dangerous, criminals are more cunning, and homeowners are, well, a little bit more paranoid. This is why home security systems are no longer just about vanity, but a necessity. (more…)


Easy Steps To Install DSC PowerSeries NEO For Your Home

Value for money is the top requirement of most consumers in any investment they make. And it is no different in finding the best home security system that they can easily install themselves. As a smart consumer, you want superior capabilities for your home security system without breaking the bank. You also want a device that is uncompromising in providing security for your property and family, easy to use, and saves you time to set up. Best value, performance, and convenience—the DSC PowerSeries NEO offers you complete security solutions for all these consumer demands.

The DSC PowerSeries NEO is a groundbreaking security hybrid system that combines the best of both traditional and modern technological systems. Its popularity among consumers is largely due to it being a superior, versatile system that can easily accommodate wireless monitoring and control via cellular gadgets and other devices. Because it allows wireless connectivity, the DSC PowerSeries NEO can be integrated into your home without disturbing its existing layout or design. The DSC PowerSeries NEO is also compatible with with the appropriate cellular communicator to give you complete access and control of your alarm on the go.


Easy DIY Steps to Replace DSC Alarm System Batteries

A great way to protect your home from burglaries is by installing a reliable security alarm system. This will deter intruders even before they set foot on your property. However, every homeowner needs to make sure that the alarm system is always in optimal working condition. One of the things you should check is the battery levels as the battery provides backup power to your alarm system in cases of outages. This complete DIY tutorial will give you fast answers to your questions on how to replace DSC alarm batteries. (more…)


How to Easily Add, Delete, and Change DSC Alarm Codes

There is nothing like having faith in your alarm security system like 80 percent of the homeowners surveyed by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. After all, you paid for your alarm system so it should be effective. Now, to further boost your alarm’s reliability, you need to take control of it, especially the security codes, which maintain the integrity of the alarm. Knowing how to program your security codes on your own spells a world of difference in cases of moving into a new home, being hacked or simply starting anew. (more…)


Quick Guide for First Time DSC Alexor Alarm Homeowners

A standout from today’s wireless alarm systems, the DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm System is the only one in the DSC lineup with a control panel separated wirelessly from the keypads and sirens. This innovative separation of components, along with the system’s two-way communication signals and other powerful features, provide greater convenience, reliability, and protection, making it a cutting-edge technology in the alarm security industry.

dsc alexor alarm system

DSC Alexor’s separate wireless components won’t have your entire alarm system vulnerable. Photo Courtesy of mjtmail (tiggy) via Flickr, Creative Commons

Get started on the fast facts and instructions that you need to know on how to use the DSC Alexor alarm. Here is a quick DSC Alexor review and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide so you can make the most out of this smart investment. (more…)