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Installing a new battery into the WT4911 Siren

Rather you are replacing or installing the WT4911Bat (battery) in the WT4911 outdoor wireless siren, you must follow certain directions.  Failure to follow instructions during this installation process may damage your battery and your siren may not work.

When dealing with this certain type of battery, it must go through a depassivation mode.  The purpose of this is to pre-condition the battery so that it won’t drop below the minimum voltage of the device once a load has been applied.  This is done by advancing the discharge past the point of the voltage dip.

Before connecting your battery in the DSC WT4911, please read and follow theses instructions:

  1. Hold the tamper switch down and plug in the battery (continue holding tamper)
  2. Continue to hold the tamper switch down for 10 seconds and then release
  3. Once the tamper switch is released, the strobe lights on the WT4911/WT8911 will flash different patterns to indicate that it is in depassivation mode. (more…)

Honeywell 6280 Touchscreen Keypad with Voice

The Honeywell 6280 color graphic voice touchscreen keypad (comes in 6280S which is silver or 6280W which is white around the screen). This is Honeywell’s newest offering if you are looking to add a touchscreen keypad option to your Vista system.

This keypad has a graphical interface that matches the icons from the Honeywell Total Connect graphics, which makes it easier to understand if you get the total connect monitoring add-on later. It also has the voice annunciation for all system status conditions, that means if you don’t understand the icons it will speak to you. It will only speak in the English language. (more…)


Ademco 5800MICRA Wireless Recessed Transmitter

The Ademco 5800MICRA wireless recessed transmitter is for those people who would like a recessed wireless transmitter that is hidden from plain site. This device also helps save against voiding the warranty on your vinyl windows because you can shallow recess it without having to drill into anything.

A lot of people like the idea of a recessed transmitter for doors, but don’t like the standard ones that Honeywell makes because it requires drilling too deep of a hole in the door jamb. This small contact is easy to install and, at a depth of .33″, you don’t have to drill a very deep hole at all to fit it into the jamb of a door or the sill of a window. (more…)


L5100-ZWAVE Z-Wave® Control Communication Module for L5100

The new Z-Wave Control Communication Module for L5100 is a Z-Wave controller that was made especially for the Lynx Touch L5100 Wireless Alarm System.

The L5100-ZWAVE will let you add home automation devices to your Lynx Touch L5100 so that you can schedule different events in the home when you are away such as turning lights on and off. You can also have a Z-Wave thermostat for your heating and cooling system that will lower the temp when you arm and leave the house and, when you return and disarm the system, will return the temperature to its regular state. this is very useful for saving energy costs while you are away on vacation. A lot of people have been waiting very patiently for something like this to come along. And we are very happy to be able to offer it. (more…)


GSMVLP5-4G Internal GSM Radio with Two-Way Voice Support

Now you all may very familiar with GSM cellular communication for alarm system from your dealings with these systems in the past, but Honeywell is changing the game with their new GSMVLP5-4G GSM Cellular Communicator.

This new cell communicator for the Lynx Touch L5100 is used to send signal to a central station monitoring service. It will send signal over the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks that AT&T uses. This makes transmission lightning fast if these networks are available in your area. This communicator can only be used with the Lynx Touch L5100 and is not backwards compatible with the Lynx Touch L5000 or the Lynx Plus L3000

A lot of people worry about thieves cutting their phone lines. While it is not really a prevalent issue, it still can be a problem and that’s where the GSM communicator comes into play. If you have a phone line attached to your alarm panel and you think you might need a back up then the GSM communicator from Honeywell will be the best investment you can make. The GSMVLP5-4G can also be used as a primary communicator if you don’t have the option to run a landline. (more…)


The Honeywell 7847i IP Communicator

We have now added the Honeywell 7847i IP Communicator to our site!! This IP communicator will work for anyone who wants central station monitoring and has a broadband internet connection.

This piece of equipment is very handy if you want central station monitoring service but you don’t have a land-line phone line and/or a GSM cellular communicator will not receive good enough signal in the location that you’re putting it in.

You can also, through Alarmnet service, use this for download programming and Total Connect monitoring add-on service. Total Connect will allow you to remotely/access and control your alarm system and receive notifications of alarm events all through the use of the 7847i. (more…)


Foscam FI8908W Pan / Tilt Network IP Surveillance Camera with IR

This the newest in IP-based surveillance cameras and is packed full of features. The new Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera is an internet based camera. This camera allows you to connect it with a hardwired Cat-5 cable or wireless via a wireless router connected to your computer. One of the key features fairly unique for this camera is that it has a built-in mic and speaker that allows for two-way audio monitoring and communication to the camera location.

This Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera features high quality video and audio, pan / tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, nightvision as well as a built in DVR recording system that will record to any hard drive on the network. In addition, it is Iphone compatible and viewable over the 3G network using the standard Safari browser (no app necessary). (more…)


Honeywell 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector

The Honeywell 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector is a new addition to our line up of Honeywell wireless products.

This is very handy little unit that allows you to monitor the temperature in the location that you are using it in. It has five different temperature detection ranges and they are as follows:

• Cold Temperature Detector 45° F
– When temperature drops below
45° F for >10 minutes
• Warm Temperature Detector 75° F
– When temperature rises above
75° F for >10 minutes
• Hot Temperature Detector 95° F
– When temperature rises above
95° F for >10 minutes
• Refrigerator Failure Detector 42° F
– When temperature rises above
42° F for >30 minutes
• Freezer Failure Detector 10° F
– When temperature rises above
10° F for >30 minutes (more…)


Sale Section

Sales Section

Sales Section

We now have a sale section for those of you who are looking to pick up some really great add-ons for a low price!! We have made this section especially for you bargain shoppers.

We occasionally get deals from our manufacturers. They pass on savings to us and then we pass them onto you. We have a good deal of Honeywell wireless devices in the sale section at the moment that you might want to take a look at.

Not only do we have the Honeywell products on sale currently, but we also have a few more things on sale from Foscam and LTS. These include the surveillance camera kits that so many have bought from us and loved. (more…)



The PIR DVR w/ Remote DVRPIR is one of latest and greatest!! This is a sneaky way to keep tabs on your household. This security camera with built-in DVR capabilities looks just like a normal PIR motion detector.

This motion detector is an actual motion detector!! It will trigger upon movement. It can be compared to a hunter trap camera in the way that it works. The unit accepts a multi-media SD card. It will accept up to a 32 GB SD card to take still photos and video footage.

You can also continuously record as well with this tiny security guard!! Doing this might eat up some space on the SD card, but it’s capable of doing it. This feature could be used for those 2 hour shopping excursions or when you go across town to visit family. (more…)