The Honeywell CE3 Code Encryptor


The new Honeywell CE3 Code Encryptor kit is an awesome new addition to the already great lineup offered by Honeywell. This little gem is made for people who have a hard-wired system but want the convenience of adding a wireless key-chain remote to arm/disarm their system with the push of a button. It also gives the comfort of knowing what state your system is in with the addition of an LED status light.

What makes this awesome is that not only does it work with Honeywell alarm systems, but it also works with systems by other manufacturers as well. These are the compatible systems:

Honeywell DSC GE-Caddx Napco
4110XM All Power Series NX4 v2 P816
VISTA-10/SE/P 816 NX6 v2 P1632
VISTA-15/P 832/5010/5020 NX8 v2 P3200
VISTA-20/SE/P PC1616 NX8E v2 with RP keypads
VISTA-21iP PC1832/1834, PC1550,

The Honeywell CE3 also has the added feature of allowing for 2 relay ouputs so that people may use two buttons on the key-chain remote for operating their garage door or for turning on lights.

Installation is a snap. You hook the wiring harness into the keybus of the panel that you’re installing the kit into then attach the receiver. You do have to perform a few simple button presses when you connect the receiver, but nothing too hard. You then connect the wires on the LED light to the wiring harness as instruction in the installation materials and learn in your keyfobs. None of the instructions are hard to understand at all.

This is a great way to add key-chain and status light functionality to any of the above systems.

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