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Alarm Systems: Empowered Women’s Self-Defense Allies

A devoted stay-at-home mom of three is as empowered as female business owner, who takes charge of a male-dominated boardroom. In the same manner, celebrating women independence is echoed by an elder lady exploring new boundaries in spite occasional joint pains; as a female yuppie moves to her first ever home away from home. Indeed, women empowerment has finally been given more profound and worthwhile meaning. While it is inarguable that women have gone a long way, the battle to prove that they can defend themselves and the hard-earned fruits of their labor is a sphere that can sometimes be problematic and even risky. It’s still very common to come across a female neighbor, coworker, or even family member to experience some form of abuse, as they deal with the trauma that lies with such incidents.

Truly empowered women ought to strengthen their self-defense arms and legs with the aid of several manageable and dependable personal self defense products and devices. These are essentially mini modern-day wonders that allow women to watch over their homes as they make it to their deadlines and reach their life goals.Women who run businesses can also reap the benefits of alarm system installations that saves them from unlikely theft and vandalism.Self-defense systems and tools for women also buy them more time while saving their precious energy that their brimming schedule demands. Today, such practical innovations are making waves in granting women the access to better work-life balance.With just a few DIY safety installations, women may feel safer even when they’re alone or are on their own.

Statistics Prove It’s Dangerous To Be A Woman

Violence Against Women

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No matter where you are, being a woman is bound by challenges and prejudice. But that shouldn’t make you think less of yourself as a person. About 1 in 3 women all over the world is subject to intimate physical violence or sexual violence by a non- partner. In most places such as Ethiopia, and Peru, the number presented may be as high in 7 over 10 women or may drop to around 1 in 4 women in high income countries. (more…)


Safeguard Your Office: Better Security With Spy Cameras

It’s hard to make it on your own so you want to make sure that all your efforts don’t go to waste. Do you remember what it’s like when you were just starting out? You probably didn’t have a decent office at the time. Now that you’ve finally overcome most of the hurdles to be where you are right now, with a proper office and all, you must feel very proud. Unfortunately, you don’t live in a world where everyone values hard work. To some people, the easy way is the only way. And for the most part that puts businesses like yours at risk. This is why it is essential to take measures of protecting your office. This is where surveillance camera system kits come in.


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Surveillance is Practical Vigilance
A lot of businesses only consider putting up wired surveillance cameras after a crime has already been committed against them, but you don’t have to be on the same side of the fence. You can be on the other side, preventing any harm from befalling your office by getting a surveillance camera system. It’s true that you never really know what’s going to happen but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your best to keep the bad things out. Don’t take chances by thinking it can’t happen to you. (more…)


Guarantee Home and Family Safety by Installing Security Systems

Thirteen seconds – that is all the time it takes before burglars and criminals break into another home in America. Think about this: even before you finish that next bite, a family is placed under absolute danger.

Crime does not discriminate. Anyone can be a victim – young or old, rich or poor. But here lies the big difference: Homes without security and alarm systems are 300% more likely to be attacked and broken into.

But here’s the catch, only 17% of homes in America have an alarm system and security cameras. It’s no surprise that more than 2 million home burglaries and intrusions were reported in 2012, according to the latest crime statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In total, 10 million crimes were reported that year: nearly 9 million property crimes and more than a million violent crimes.

Take note, these are only reported crimes. Approximately half of violent crimes and 40% of property crimes do not figure in statistics. But the fact remains – they do happen, everyday.


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According to the 2012 National Crime Victimization Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 26 out of every 1,000 people experienced violent crime (rape, robbery, assault). That is a 15% increase compared to previous year. Property crimes increased by 12%.
Just this month of February, transportation officials in Boston installed 360-degree live surveillance cameras in all city buses. They are embedded in walls and ceilings to give commuters a sense of safety. If buses, small establishments, schools, churches have surveillance cameras, shouldn’t your home, where your children sleep and play, have one too? (more…)


The Neighborhood Watch: Your community alarm system

As a crime prevention program, the Neighborhood Watch was launched in 1972 to bring together the efforts of citizens and members of law enforcement in deterring crimes and making communities safer. With the National Sheriffs’ Association as a sponsor, it was developed in response to growing concern for home security because the number of burglaries at the time was on the rise. It quickly caught on though, with 12% of the US population participating in the Neighborhood Watch in just 10 years after the program was launched.


The Neighborhood Watch always keeps an eye on everyone
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What is important to note though is that while the program empowers ordinary individuals to keep their neighborhood safe, members of the Neighborhood Watch actually take on more passive roles. This is because they are more taught to identify suspicious activities in the community and report them to the police, functioning like the neighborhood’s comprehensive alarm system. The police in turn are the ones responsible for taking the necessary actions to take care of potential threats to neighborhood safety. While members are more than welcome to know a few self-defense moves, the Neighborhood Watch is not supposed to be armed. (more…)


Women Take Over DIY Home Alarm System

Society might still be in the shell of denial but women are gearing towards the idea of conventional weaponry to break past the confines of gender roles. The trend of inherently valuing males doing masculine things while giving very little value in every little else in the society, is an excellent example of society’s inherent misogyny. Today, this old-aged prejudice has perished and women has learned to strut their way to equality lavishing themselves with hammers, rolled-up sleeves, and even bootstraps. Now, what men can do, women can definitely do, maybe even better.


Installing an alarm system has never been easier even for a woman.

Nowadays, every modern woman could tend to simple tasks like fixing faulty car engines, painting the walls, fixing broken windows, and even installing security alarm systems. With modern tools and high-tech gadgets available you will definitely be left browbeaten and laying on the bathroom floor whilst watching your wife mounting your newly delivered dsc alarm systems as easy as hanging a picture on the wall. (more…)


Vulnerability of Superhumans: Alarm Systems to the Rescue

Superhumans exist. They walk this world along with the rest of the normal humans. But they’re not what you might think. They don’t have superhuman strength, x-ray vision or mind reading capabilities. It’s a simpler yet still impressive feat, as simple and impressive as waking up before the alarm clock or having a body clock system that not a lot of people have—it’s the power of sleeplessness.

Research shows that 2% of people have the power to be able sleep for only a few hours but still have the energy to do things like most people do, sometimes even more. They can be classified into three kinds: the sleepless elites, the middle class, and the idle.

The Three Kinds of Superhumans
The Sleepless Elites was a term from Wall Street Journal’s Melinda Beck when referring to people who need lesser sleep than usual—short sleepers—but are still capable of being energetic even without caffeine. These are the high achievers of the superhumans as they take their energy and use it to do something productive and worthwhile. They can be comprised of business owners, investors, CEOs, and any other tough jobs and industries that involve a lot of work hours and even high stress levels. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin are suspected to be short sleepers but there isn’t much evidence to prove it, not like most successful people who are early risers.



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The Middle Classed Superhumans, on the other hand, still retain the same characteristics of the sleepless elites, minus the fact that they don’t hold a higher title or position. This is still possible as all short sleepers don’t mean they’re also all high achievers. (more…)


Give Elders Alarm Systems and Take Half of Their Pain

The ebb and flow of the world is unequivocally exquisite and steadfast. You are too busy growing up and sometimes – often painfully obvious – you forget that your parents are growing old too. As your parents age, you become their parents, your roles are reversing.

The culture of senior living has change with the dawn of technology and machinery. What needs to be done is not to fluster for elder nurseries but re-empower them to take control. Cut down the hyperbole of caregiving the elders. Keep them with the wave and introduce them with technology and different alarm systems that will leave you in peace while you are out of sight.


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In a world where a snap has taken over tick of the clock, the idea of family has been scoffed and the idea of elderly has been attached to the word burden. People have long been questioning the ethical argument of putting elderly people to nursing homes or manage to let them stay at home. Drawn with its advantages, disadvantages and moral reasoning, perhaps it is just time to downsize and help them continually win their independence.

The Older Generation in Itself is Ageing

Pinched from the fascinating portrait of global aging, according to United Nations Populations Fund, the number of American people under age 65 has tripled during the 20th century. The aging report has also recorded that for the first time in human history, the number of people over 60 years old has surpassed the number of (more…)


Alarm Clocks and Alarm Security Systems: Cure for Manic Mondays

The alarm suddenly blares out of nowhere at such an ungodly hour. You jolt awake, half alive yet still half asleep as the blaring sound enters through your system and rattles every part of you in the most unpleasant way. In desperation, you reach out and frantically hit the snooze button until the blasted thing goes silent at last and you can finally go back to peaceful slumber.

But it’s only a few minutes later that the alarm suddenly goes off again. “If only it’s a sound as pleasant as mother’s voice when she’s in a good mood,” You think to yourself as you ignore the alarm, wanting so much to sink back into your pillows.


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Honeywell MID-7H Android Mobile Internet Device w/ Built-In Wi-Fi

The  Honeywell MID-7H Android Mobile Internet Device w/ Built-In Wi-Fi is one of the newest additions to our stock and it is a great addition at that!

When I was first introduced to the MID-7H I noticed that it came in a Honeywell branded product box with the usual red and white packaging. I proceeded to open the box to get my hands on the cool tablet which lay inside.

Upon opening the product box; I immediately saw the MID-7H tablet. It’s a sleek, black tablet with a 7″ screen. I tried powering up the tablet, but it seems that Honeywell sends them without a charged battery. I looked further into the box and found the power adapter. I also located a little zip-locked baggy that contained the tablet’s user manual, 2-USB adapters, and a set of earphones. They really give you everything you’d need to use it.